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Extended Materials Portfolio 2019

Some of our customers may have already noticed it - we have thoroughly expanded our materials portfolio! In addition to the typical basics, we strive ...
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Coyote Lanyard System

There are many options for attaching a liner inside a socket. If you are looking for a safe method that is easy to use, even ...
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Ankle Air PRO

The Ankle Air PRO is an ankle-orthosisfor both postoperative and preventive use, which protects users from twisting their ankle. Ligaments, soft tissue and osseous structures ...
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Return-to-Walk A

The Return-to-Walk A is a carbon AFO with an anterior panel. It supports patients who suffer from weak foot dorsiflexion after neurological and neuro-orthopedic affliction ...
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Vacuum Forming Frame 500x500mm

500x500mm, a true problem-solver size! When working with very voluminous models, it is hard to achieve an even wall thickness with 400x400 sheet material. Using ...
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KnieAgil® SL2 Knee Joint

The ideal joint for the interim phase! It has a high load capacity, and is both compact and lightweight. The SL2 combines two typical joint ...
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Return-to-Walk Step-on 100

The Return-to-Walk Step-on 100 is an active AFO with a dorsal frame and a monocentric joint on the medial side of the ankle. The orthosis' ...
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Prothify® - the adaptive prosthetic system. Prothify is an innovative prosthetic system, which makes it possible to connect the socket with the following components while ...
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Pediatric Prosthetic Portfolio

Our extended portfolio of pediatric prosthetic products offers all components for adequate and resilient prosthetic solutions. The quality and composition of the materials used allows ...
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Medium Air-Lock®

The Medium Air-Lock has a diameter of 47 mm. It is the ideal addition to the Air-Lock (57.4 mm) and the Small Air-Lock (31.5 mm), ...
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Return-to-Walk Product Family

The Return-to-Walk P and P/Plus are modern carbon AFOs with an adjustable sole. They support patients who suffer from weak foot dorsiflexion in regaining their ...
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Cascade Locks

As much as four new Cascade locks have been added to our portfolio of liner locking systems! They are lightweight, yet also feature robust mechanics ...
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