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META™ Arc – for All Walks of Life. META™ Arc - for All Walks of Life. Always the right choice. Read more

Teufel Adapters: Variety and Quality Uniform Weight Limit of 166 kg* Read more

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META™ Arc - for All Walks of Life.

The META Arc is a prosthetic foot with revolutionary design and function, and constitutes an exciting addition to our product portfolio. The most striking feature ...
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Teufel Adapters: Variety and Quality

The uniformly high weight limit of 166 kg* allows you to put together your desired configuration without having to compromise due to different load capacities. ...
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Charity Bike-Ralley for the Faurndau Hospice

This year, the charity tour "Tour de Kreisle" took place for the 19th time. After the event could only take place as "Virtual Tour de ...
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Invoices via Email

The time-saving and environmentally friendly alternative! We are committed to both offer you the best customer service and to serve the principle of sustainability. Printing ...
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Alpha DUO Design Liners

The individually manufactured design liners, which match the surface structure of the residual limb, are real problem-solving liners for demanding limb conditions. The textile-free DUO ...
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Lamination Dummy Kit for Lock System WJT 8

The new lamination dummy kit is ideally suited for an easy installation of the Shuttle-Lock WJT 8. Product improvements include: Lamination dummy f. WJT 8, ...
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Alpha TruSeal-Liner

The Alpha TruSeal AK Liner is a fabricless liner with distal sealing fins. The high-quality silicone material makes for a high level of damping capacity ...
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DynaCox evolution

J. Heisel1 The Effects of Muscular Imbalance on the Orthopedic Management of Postoperative Unstable Hip Joints After the Repositioning of a Total Endoprostheses (T.E.P.)   ...
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Alpha SmartTemp Liner

Alpha liners with temperature-regulating properties are available as either silicone or gel liners. Alpha SmartTemp TPE gel liners combine highly effective cooling technology with the ...
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Teufel Materials Portfolio

The consistent range of high-quality basic materials, supplemented by many special materials for specific applications. The delivery capability is optimized for availability and delivery speed, ...
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The WJT 8 Lock System Now Comes With 2 Pins to Choose From

The WJT 8 Lock System is a simple, classic shuttle lock. It most convincing features are its low weight and low overall height. The central ...
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Prepreg Pre-Cuts

The new Prepreg Pre-Cuts  represent a very interesting extension to our range of prepreg materials. The pre-cuts are available in many practical shapes, in a ...
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