Zitat Lennon Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. - John Lennon - Leitmair Langer Text It is always too early when we lose someone. And sometimes, it is much too early, and especially painful.

We have to say goodbye to Michael Leitmair († 16.03.2021). We are mourning an inspiring person, a visionary companion, and a deeply empathic colleague and friend.

We miss you. We miss your esprit, your foresight, your passion. We miss you, your exceptional personality.

Thank you for the time we spent together, for our conversations, your visionary ideas, and your positive energy.
Wir trauern WE ARE MOURNING THE LOSS OF MICHAEL. The staff, management board and shareholders of Teufel Anteilnahme THANK YOU. …for the many expressions of condolence, and the messages of remembrance and appreciation. Blume Scharf Alleine

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500x500mm Material Concept

500x500mm, now availabe as interim and definitive material. A matching frame and frame mounting system are also available. The following items are available: Orthotherm Clear, ...
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Alpha® Liners with Progressive Profile

Alpha Liners offer a comprehensive Portfolio of versatile prosthetic liners that satisfy any user requirements. Maximum product quality, a perfect fit and their durability are ...
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Tepelen is a high-quality polyethylene (PE) material, which has been sucessfully used for orthopedic purposes for many years. Tepelen can easily be told apart from ...
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Prepreg Pre-Cuts

The new Prepreg Pre-Cuts represent an interesting addition to out Prepreg portfolio. The pre-cut pieces are available in many practical shapes, and in a large ...
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Alpha TruSeal-Liner

The new AK liner with sealing fins. Made from platinum-cured silicone for optimum cushioning and comfort. For elevated and passive vacuum suspension. The new Alpha ...
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Return-to-Walk AFOs

The Return-to-Walk P and P/Plus are modern, lightweight carbon AFOs with an posterior upright. The edges of the sole consist of elastomere, which makes it ...
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Flex-Joint Assembly Set

Teufel’s new Flex-Joints for orthoses were designed to create flexible connections between thermoplastic components. They are also ideally suited to be used as dynamic elements ...
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Padding Materials

Padding materials are used for a wide range of orthopedic applications. Depending on their use, the materials have to possess different properties. To satisfy all ...
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WJT Lock Systems

Teufel’s new lock systems guarantee a secure and reliable connection between liner and prosthetic socket. Their features are especially practical. You can choose from 6 ...
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Alpha SmartTemp TPE Gel Liners

Alpha SmartTemp TPE Gel Liners are a true innovation in the field of prosthetic liners and offer a wide range of benefits for the user: ...
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Prosthetic Valves

Teufel's wide selection of prosthetic valves for AK and BK prostheses. Different socket designs require different valves. Teufel's prosthetic portfolio offers a multitude of solutions. ...
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DynaCox evolution

The DynaCox evolution Hip Orthosis combines the effect of a close-fitting bandage (proprioception) and the integrated stabilizing elements of an orthosis working according to the ...
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