Alpha SmartTemp TPE Gel Liners are a true innovation in the field of prosthetic liners and offer a wide range of benefits for the user:

They combine the exceptional wearing properties of the new Alpha TPE Gel with temperature regulating material.

SmartTemp TPE Gel Liners absorb temperature changes of the limb and thus help regulating the user’s overall body temperature. The liners’ shore hardness lies between that of Classic Gel and Hybrid Gel. Once the temperature on the limb rises above comfort level, heat gets absorbed, is stored, and gets released once the temperature drops below comfort level.

The effectiveness of the liner was examined in an observation study with 16 subjects. For the study, the test persons were asked to wear standard TPE gel liners and SmartTemp TPE Gel Liners, randomized in alternation, while completing a workout session. After each workout session the amount of perspiration that had accumulated on the limb and the liner was collected and weighed. The comparison between the two liners showed an average decrease of perspiration (in mg) by 48% when users wore the Alpha SmartTemp Gel Liner as opposed to a conventional TPE gel liner.

The liners are available in a BK and an AK version. The AK version is available in four sizes with an „AK symmetrical“ profile, the BK version is available in six sizes, both with the highly functional “Progressive” profile and the classic “Uniform” profile.
All profiles are available in a locking design (with pin connection) and a cushion design (for vacuum suspension).

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