• The new AK liner with sealing fins.
  • Made from platinum-cured silicone for optimum cushioning and comfort.
  • For elevated and passive vacuum suspension.

The new Alpha TruSeam Liner is an AK liner with sealing fins.  Four distal sealing fins ensure optimum sealing, especially also in active situations.

The Alpha TruSeal Liner is made from high-quality Alpha silicone material.
The satin-finished fabric cover of the liner makes both donning and cleaning the liner very easy. The interior surface is characterized by very pleasant adhesive properties, without feeling sticky.

The profile of the Alpha TruSeal AK Liner is the same as the AK Symmetrical Profile. Thus, it has a distal material thickness of 9 mm, which tapers down to 4.5 mm in the middle section of the liner and  2.5 mm at the proximal liner end.

The Alpha TruSeal Liner is available in nine sizes.

See our current Prosthetics Catalog (pdf) for further information.