From July 22-26, 2019, the “Tour de Kreisle”, a fund-raiser for the inpatient hospice in Faurndau, took place.

Originally founded in 1998 by former member of the Bundestag Klaus Rieger, the Tour de Kreisle already took place for the 17th time this year. More than 60 participants biked across the rural district of Göppingen. On the whole, they covered a distance of more than 250 km, and stopped at more than 50 places to collect donations from contributors.

The donations collected during the Tour are an important part of the funding of the hospice’s day-to-day costs, for which the society “Hospiz im Landkreis Göppingen” has to raise around 130,000 € every year.

The Wilhelm Julius Teufel GmbH was one of the donors for the fund-raiser, and contributed to the cheque for 2350 € that was presented to the bikers in Wangen during the first leg of the tour. On the whole, 36,000 € were collected during the “Tour the Kreisle” for the hospice in Faurndau.