As in years prior, Teufel was a sponsor of the Children’s Socker Day organized by the company FutureSport from Stuttgart in 2019.

During the Children’s Socker Day pupils from all types of schools can partake in a day of soccer training under the guidance of coaches from well known soccer schools all over Germany. The training incorporates special coordination exercises as they are done by the stars, but also exercises that can be done during day-to-day physical eduction at school. During the training days the licensed coaches make a point of mixing discipline and humor while working with the kids.

The main goals of the project are to give children more opportunity for physical and mental development, and to get them interested in physical exercise and doing sports.

Teufel is happy to have been one of the sponsors of the Children’s s Socker Day at the Wangen Elementary School on December 10th, 2019.