The design of the flexion abduction splint CoxaFlex is based on a medical treatment concept that has been proven and tested over the course of more than 25 years. The splint was developed in order to treat hip dysplasia and luxation of newborns and infants more effectively and more safely. CoxaFlex helps to control the growth of both cartilaginous and osseous segments of the joint, and promotes the further development and ideal shaping of the hip joint. CoxaFlex resulted from the close cooperation of physicians and technicians and will support the subsequent development of the hip joint when applied correctly.

Consisting of an adjustable belt system, a continuously adjustable abduction splint and integrated leg braces, the CoxaFlex centers the hip joints in a natural position of 90° to 100° of flexion and an abduction of 45° to 50°. By positioning the patient’s thighs this way, any extension or adduction that might provoke luxation or dysplasia is avoided.

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