This year, the annual conference of the DVfVW e.V. included a panel on the status quo of the role of modern medical aids and appliances as a support for reintegration.

With PD Dr. Stephan Becher moderating, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Greitemann (Medical Director, Klinik Münsterland) and Christoph Thiel (Head of Marketing Prosthetics, Wilhelm Julius Teufel GmbH) gave talks on the topic.

Their presentations included information on the current status of case numbers, amputation techniques and rehabilitative measures, as well as an overview of contemporary prosthetic components available on the market today, and the specific user benefits that come with them. The event’s main focus was on how modern orthopedic technology can support a user‘s reintegration into the labour market.

The conference took place at the Max Planck Society’s historic conference center, the Harnack House. It was built in 1929 as a conference center for the Kaiser Wilhelm Society, and over the years accommodated such illustrious scientists as Otto Hahn and Albert Einstein. With its special ambience the location was the perfect venue for this year’s conference.