The DynaCox evolution Hip Orthosis combines the effect of a close-fitting bandage (proprioception) and the integrated stabilizing elements of an orthosis working according to the three-point principle.

The DynaCox evolution is the advanced hip orthosis based on the design of the classic hip orthosis DynaCox. The new design uses the dynamic principle to prevent luxations without restricting muscular activity. Adjustments can be made without any tools. The pelvic brace can be opened and laid out flat, which makes it easier to apply the orthosis on lying patients. The DynaCox evolution is available with two different hinge designs.

The DynaCox evolution has a modular design. The orthosis component can be adjusted universally, and can be combined with any size of bandage.

• After repositioning of luxated hip joint
• Instability after Total Hip Replacement (THR)
• Muscular imbalance
• After revision surgery

• Securing surgical results
• Luxation prophylaxis
• Early functional motion therapy

*Consider the thigh circumference if the patient’s hip circumference is close to the next smaller or larger size.