160 years ago, “Teufel” was founded by our namesake Wilhelm Julius Teufel. In addition to celebrating our 160th anniversary, we want to keep looking ahead and continue along the path we have very consistently followed in the past. It is important to us to constantly expand our high-quality product range and to serve you every day with the commitment and service of our team, both on site at your location and at our headquarters in Wangen.

Since the foundation of our company 160 years ago, many parameters in our industry have changed and we have had to meet many challenges. Not only have our products and processes continuously evolved over time, but so has our company logo. On the image above you can see a selection of logos as they looked over the course of time. The penultimate position shows the logo you have known since 2010, followed by the current, further developed logo on the right.
With the letters “WJT” we want to represent the complete company name Wilhelm Julius Teufel within the logo. We also want to accommodate customers in non-German speaking countries with this change. In many languages, the pronunciation of “Teufel” often poses a greater challenge.

With the term “ORTHO”, we want to emphasize our unchanged, clear focus on orthopedic technology. Even though we will change the design of our logo in 2022, we will be there for you in the manner you have come to expect from us, as a team and as a family business. On behalf of the shareholders, the management team, and all employees, I would like to thank you for 160 years of trustful cooperation. Your trust is our incentive, every day!