The Intuy Knee belongs to a new generation of microprocessor-controlled knee joints with an active motor-driven support.
It is able to actively replace missing muscle activity.

In contrast to passive electronic joints, the Intuy Knee features not only joint control, but also offers motor-driven, auto-adaptive motion support.

This results in considerable advantages in use:

– Active extension of the knee supports users in standing up.
– Active cushioning supports users in sitting down in a controlled manner.
– Active raising of the lower leg supports users when climbing stairs step-over-step.
– Maximum safety thanks to active trip detection and adjustable ground clearance.
– Longer walking distances with reduced energy expenditure.

The Intuy Knee is suitable for users with activity levels 2 to 4,  and has a load capacity of up to 125 kg.
Its spindle motor provides 100 Nm of assistance. The range of one battery charge is a walking distance of 12 km, with a standby time of approx. 44h, and charging time is less than 2 hours.