Precise, reliable mechanics: KnieAgil stands for the knee joint series byTeufel that you can rely upon.
The large variety of joints allows you to select the right joint for your customers, a joint that matches the user’s activity and safety requirements.
Different joints of the series are available for different weight limits, like e.g. the KA.LD31 (100 kg max.) and the new KA.LD31s (136kg max.).

You can choose whether you want the most lightweight joint, or the joint with the highest weight level. We also offer waterproof knee joints with polycentric axis geometry, which are a reliable companion in wet areas (fresh water). The KA.WLD31s e.g. offers a temporary lock, a stable four-axis-geometry and a robust weight limit of 135kg.

The new joint covers, which have been included with the 5 joint versions since January, further increase the appeal of the joints. For users with a higher need for safety, the joints offer very reliable lock systems. The combination with a temporary lock also offers an interesting option (KA.SL2). This joint is especially appropriate for interim prostheses, since it offers maximum safety while at the same time offering the option to make the joint more dynamic (deactivating the lock, using the brake unit). There are also options for more active users, with joints with pneumatic and hydraulic swing phase control in multi-axis joint constructions.

KnieAgil Joints are high performing, dynamic and safe, and are the optimum companions for everyday life with a prosthesis.