The META Arc is a prosthetic foot with revolutionary design and function, and constitutes an exciting addition to our product portfolio.

The most striking feature of the foot is the ARC titanium ankle joint with inversion / eversion mobility. Bearing on two titanium axles, the ankle joint allows for permanent adaptation to the ground with a ROM of 20° (inversion 10° / eversion 10°). Thanks to this feature, the META Arc can be fully placed on the ground, even on uneven surfaces, and offers maximum security.

The entire carbon foot shank is laminated in one piece, so that no screw connection is required between the heel and forefoot spring. This construction without interruption of the power flow in the foot acchieves an energy return of about 95%.

The foot cosmesis of the META Arc is equipped with a separate big toe, so that sandals with a toe strap can also be worn. In combination with its low weight and water resistance, the META Arc thus is a reliable companion, in all situations.