After Raisa had been severely injured in a traffic accident in her home country of Afghanistan, things did not look good for her. After her left lower leg had been amputated the wound had gotten infected and the child was in a life-threatening condition.

Luckily for Raisa, the relief organization “Kinder brauchen uns e.V.” (whose name translates to “Children Need Us ”) found the young Afghan in a hospital in Kabul. In an emergency mission they quickly organized for Raisa to be flown to Germany in the beginning of 2017, and over the duration of seven months the girl has been successfully treated here.

Her new prosthesis was built by the team at Rommeswinkel in Gelsenkirchen. We were happy to donate an Alpha Pediatric Liner in order to contribute to Raisas new prosthesis. Alpha Pediatric Liners are specifically designed to fit the needs and anatomy of children.

We wish Raisa a safe return to her family and a happy future filled with new perspectives.