The Ankle Air PRO is an ankle-orthosisfor both postoperative and preventive use, which protects users from twisting their ankle. Ligaments, soft tissue and osseous structures of the upper and lower ankle are stabilized and the healing process of the injured structures is supported. The orthosis also helps to prevent situations during which patients typically twist their ankles in every-day life and when performing sports.

Combined with the possibility of thermoplastic shaping, the novel, patented geometry of the orthosis allows for the brace to perfectly fit the patient’s individual joint anatomy. The innovative strapping system is very thin, and can be donned both easily and quickly. The orthosis does not add any bulk, and can hardly be felt by the user. The comprehensive, stabilizing effect can be reduced individually. Depending on the adjustment of the orthosis, it is possible to increase the range of motion of the joint; the orthosis can thus be downgraded. The textile used on the central stabilizing element is highly breathable, and prevents any build-up of heat or moisture.