On more than 500sqm exhibition space the Wilhelm Julius Teufel GmbH presented a variety of exciting new products at the OTWorld 2022. Among those, the Intuy Knee and Scaleo® Measuring Tool generated the highest interest.

The Intuy Knee is an electronic, actively motor-assisted joint for amputees with activity classes 2-4, with a max. load capacity of 125 kg. Thanks to the motor support with a maximum 100 Nm, muscle power is compensated for, and a variety of typical everyday applications are supported or even made possible again.

Walking on even surfaces requires less additional energy expenditure, which increases the action radius and reduces fatigue.
Inclines get detected by the position sensors and the motor assistance is continuously adjusted accordingly.
When standing up from a seated position, the joint provides motor-assisted knee extension.
When walking up stairs, the joint recognizes the steps and actively raises the lower leg of the prosthetic side.

The Intuy Knee convinces with significant usage benefits for the user and everyday running time of up to 20 km walking distance and 44 h standby time with one battery charge.

Scaleo is the new measuring tool for many areas of application in orthotics and prosthetics. Developed with master prosthetists from the field, it has been tested in many application fittings. Scaleo is just as convincing through its functionality as through its high quality, which is designed for durability.