You will see them more and more: Our new product labels, to which we will gradually change over with all of our products until January 2018.

The new format of the labels provides you with all relevant data, in accordance with the requirements of the Act on Medical Devices. This means that in future, for example, the labels of all products will list the manufacturer, the EU representative (where applicable), the distributor (where applicable) as well as other information on the product, including the washing symbols. Thus, all important information is conveniently available to you at a glance.

To improve the goods-in process, all product labels feature an EAN code. These EAN codes are also given in our price list. Starting January 2018, you will thus be able to book all incoming goods from Teufel using a scanner.

To meet your requirements concerning product documentation, our product labels have always been removable. On the new product labels, there will be two removable sections, both listing the same information, in order to offer you even more flexible support for your documentation paperwork.