Teufel’s wide selection of prosthetic valves for AK and BK prostheses.

Different socket designs require different valves. Teufel’s prosthetic portfolio offers a multitude of solutions.

  • Especially small exhaust valves like REF CD.105, CD.105HF or the waterproof valve are especially suitable for small socket radii.
  • Classic rubber valves of reliable high quality /REF 30.xxx.000.00)
  • The screw valve for AK sockets (REF 26.3000.000.01) features an especially large valve opening, so donning aids can be removed especially easily.
  • The LimbLogic Exhaust Valve makes it possible to install four different valve models in the same valve body. This makes it possible to e.g. switch from a classic exhaust valve to an automatic exhaust valve, without making any changes to the prostheses.

See our current prosthetics catalog for further information.