The innovative knee orthosis QUANTUM-A PRO supports the patient’s healing process during the postoperative phase after a knee injury.

The Easy-Adjust Joint is at the heart of the orthosis’ design. With easy-to-install set screws the hinge can quickly be adjusted to the medically indicated angle. The time consuming installation of hinge stops is no more necessary. The unique Physio-Connect Joint connects the uprights of the frame, and follows the roll-and-slide motion pattern of the knee joint. The frame of the orthosis is made from aluminum and can be adjusted individually.  The anatomically shaped tibia frame makes for a great fit. The quick release buckles make the orthosis easy to handle, allowing patients to don it with only one hand, and securing the correct length of the straps at all times.

The use of innovative materials prevents the orthosis from sliding down the patient’s leg, thereby also making for a high level of patient compliance. The innovative joint cover helps keep the hinge clean, and can be used to display an individual logo. QUANTUM-A PRO is one of the lightest knee orthoses around, and is waterproof in fresh water.