The Return-to-Walk P and P/Plus are modern, lightweight carbon AFOs with an posterior upright. The edges of the sole consist of elastomere, which makes it possible to easily adjust the shape and fit of the sole. The Return-to-Walk P and P/Plus support patients who suffer from weak foot dorsiflexion in regaining their mobility after trauma and neurological affliction. The calf pad can be individually adjusted with the orthosis’ strap system.
The orthosis is availbal in two stiffnesses: While the two models look the same, the structure of the Return-to-Walk P/Plus’ carbon layer is stronger than that of the Return-to-Walk P, thus creating a stronger dynamic effect during roll-over and stance phase.

The Return-to-Walk A is a lightweight carbon AFO with an anterior upright. It also features a sole with elastomere edges for easy sole customization.
The Return-to-Walk A supports patients who suffer from weak foot dorsiflexion after neurological and neuro-orthopedic affliction or trauma. Especially patients with an additional weakness of the anterior femoral muscles (= weakness of the quadriceps, limited control over knee joint) will profit from using the Return-to-Walk A due to its anterior tibia panel. The sole can be cut to match the patient’s shoe size.

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