Tepelen is a high-quality polyethylene (PE) material, which has been sucessfully used for orthopedic purposes for many years.

Tepelen can easily be told apart from other PE materials by the fact that it is matte on one side and glossy on the other side. Depending on the desired application and look of the workpiece, either the matte or the glossy side can be used on the outside.

• For the manufacture of stabilizing splints, night splints, corrective braces, corsets and any kind of orthoses

• Polyethylene (special formula)

• One side matte
• One side glossy
• Very suitable for thermoforming
• Very suitable for vacuum forming
• Easy to fuse
• Easy to sand / edges can be polished
• Very little shrinkage (less than 4%)
• Can be colored using our transfer papers and fabrics
• Good shape-retaining properties and stability even with thin material thickness
• Radiotransparent
• Resistant against many acids, lyes and solvents
• Low molecular weight
• Recommended processing temperature: approx. 165–175 °C, varies depending on oven type