The Alpha TruSeal AK Liner is a fabricless liner with distal sealing fins. The high-quality silicone material makes for a high level of damping capacity while still allowing for great prosthesis control. The profile of the Alpha TruSeal AK Liner is the same as the Symmetrical Profile.

Thus, it has a distal material thickness of 9 mm, which tapers down to 4.5 mm in the middle section of the liner and 2.5 mm at the proximal liner end. This way, the liner only adds very little bulk and yet supplies the user with maximum distal cushioning.

The Alpha TruSeal AK Liner can be combined with both passive and elevated vacuum systems (e.g. LimbLogic 2000).

The distal sealing fins make it possible to forego proximal sealing. This increases wearing comfort in the proximal area and makes donning and doffing the prosthesis easier.

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