Our product range of waterproof components includes a variety of prosthetic components that are required to build waterproof prostheses.

Our portfolio offers various waterproof feet, including the new META Arc prosthetic foot. With its revolutionary design, it permanently adapts to the surface that the amputee is walking on. Ideal for a bathing prosthesis: the separate big toe of the cosmetic allows sandals with a central bar to be worn.

The WLD31 and WLD31s are two waterproof knee joints with different load capacities (100 kg / 136 kg) that can be used locked or unlocked.

When it comes to locks, you can choose from our full line of WJT Locks, which are also available waterproof in all six styles. In addition to a secure connection between liner and socket, our WJT Locking Systems offer exceptionally easy, practical handling for both technicians and users. The Coyote locks are also approved for use in water. A large selection of versatile adapters rounds off the program.

Detailed information on our waterproof components can be found in our current prosthetics catalog starting from page 253.