Teufel offered a workshop especially for masterclass students on May 17th and 18th, 2019. It was the first time this kind of intensive weekend class took place at the Teufel headquarters in Wangen. The workshop centered on the Co.Co.S socket design, which was developed by Guido Kaenders especially for knee-disarticulated amputees, and its unique features and benefits.

18 students and their teachers from the Kerschensteiner Vocational College in Stuttgart participated in the workshop, along with two amputees, who took part in order to contribute to the practical segments of the class. After a thorough but compact theoretical introduction to Co.Co.S sockets, the group went to the training workshop, to learn about the procedures involved in building a socket. The participants divided into smaller groups, then went through the whole socket production process. This included taking measurements, building a plaster cast, and finally making the test sockets, which were then tried on and tested by the attending amputees.

Two experienced orthopedic technicians from Teufel supported the students throughout the class. The goal of the workshop was to not only equip the participants with theoretical knowledge, but to also give them the opportunity to learn about all the practical steps it takes to build a Co.Co.S socket, and what aspects have to be taken into consideration to offer users the full range of benefits this socket design has to offer.

Each of the participants was involved in the construction of a functioning test socket, while being able to exchange experiences, working in a group and having a good time. With the positive feedback from the participants and the high demand for other workshops like this one, this class will surely not have been the last of its kind to take place in Wangen.