Cranio Acra® Orthoses

More and more frequently, babies and toddlers are diagnosed with skull deformities in form of plagiocephaly or brachycephaly (unilateral or bilateral). The reason is usually a positional deformation of the osseous cranium.

Typical causes are the position of the child in the womb during pregnancy and birth, functional defects of the spine and the way the baby is positioned when laid down. These are non-synostotic deformities of the cranium, i.e. there is no premature ossification of the cranial sutures.

To support the functional therapy of physiotherapy and chiropractic therapy, a dynamic cranial orthosis by Cranio Acra may be required. The cranial orthosis will serve as a positioning aid and meet the individual functional requirements of the child.

To compensate the volume of the flat cranial area, Cranio Acra has a rounded shape on the outside, so the head can be turned to the side a lot easier, and the motion gets incorporated into the baby’s repertoire of movements.