WillowWood OneSystem AK

The highly innovative OneSystem AK allows transfemoral and knee disarticulated amputees to use an elevated vacuum system. Its unique dual seal guarantees reliable suction suspension (reaching from the distal end all the way to 2.5 cm below the removable brim) during all activities. Simultaneously, the system also shows a very high tolerance for volume changes.

Basic OneSystem AK Components:

Removable Brim

  • Provides proximal stability
  • Acts as an anchor for the Brim Seal
  • Provides comfort by protecting against the rigid socket
  • Holds the Alignment Buttons that “lock” into the socket

One Seal

  • Creates airtight seal between liner & socket
  • Accommodates proximal limb motion while maintaining a secure, comfortable seal
  • Located inside socket to reduce possibility of punctures
  • One Seal’s wave pattern seals against exposed silicone of liner
  • One Seal’s fins are held against socket wall

One Gel Sock

  • Worn over liner at distal end of limb
  • Tacky inner surface holds sock in place
  • Provides air wick to establish vacuum
  • Length can be customized to apply vacuum over as much of the limb as possible
  • Compresses limb tissue
  • Protects the liner

Alpha SmartTemp® Liner

  • Silicone liner without fabric
  • Uses Outlast® thermal management technology
  • Regulates residual limb temperature
  • Protects the residual limb
  • Easy donning; no lubricants required

Side Mount

  • Maintains vacuum at desired level
  • Can switch between higher and lower vacuum level depending on whether user is moving or resting
  • Choose Side Mount or Distal Mount

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