Orthotherm® Silicone

„Orthotherm“  is the sucessful brand of high-quality materials for thermoforming prosthetic sockets. The materials were created to work together to provide a great basis for durable, high-quality sockets, both diagnostic and definitive. The large portfolio includes:

„Orthotherm Silicone“ is an especially flexible inner socket material with a well-balanced portion of silicone. The combination of great grip and high flexibility results in a large range of possible uses. Like “Orthotherm Black” it is a reliable material to use for thermoforming.

Product Benefits

  • High flexibility
  • Optimal surface adhesion
  • Pleasant wearing properties
  • Washable
  • Easily post-moldable
  • Easy to sand

Technical Data

  • Processing temperature: approx. 115–125 °C, varies depending on oven type
  • Shrinkage: No discernible shrinkage (less than 1%)