WillowWood OneSystem BK

The WillowWood OneSystem BK adapts socket technology from the transfemoral version of the system, and makes it available for transtibial applications. The transtibial socket system, for use with either elevated vacuum or suction, delivers an airtight seal, an internal sleeve, and socket security.

Components of the WillowWood One TT system include an Alpha Duo® Liner, a One Gel Sock, an optional LimbLogic, a flexible inner socket, an MV-Flex Seal, and the One Link. Together, these components create an airtight system that moves with an amputee’s residual limb for reliable suspension and comfort.

Throughout development, goals for the transtibial system were to make it comfortable to wear, control pistoning, facilitate a comfortable walking gait, and be compatible with various amputee activity levels. Clinical testing has shown unprecedented seal durability and compatibility with various activity levels and ages. Numerous amputees who tested the system reported feeling a closer fit on their residual limbs and experiencing an improved sense of security from the WillowWood One TT system over their previous prostheses.



Suction Suspension - Application Recommendation

  • Low activity level
  • Recommended when particularly easy handling is desired (no charging, no adjustments required)

Elevated Vacuum - Application Recommendation

  • Medium to high activity levels
  • Access to full scope of system benefits
  • Constant vacuum level, independent of activity and movements
  • “Adaptive mode” offers additional benefits: automatic adjustment of the elevated vacuum to the user’s specific activity level (e.g. rest mode when user is sitting down)

Benefits of Elevated Vacuum when Compared to Suction System

  • Minimized pistoning. Users feel the prosthesis is significantly lighter
  • Less pressure on blood vessels – blood circulation remains unrestricted
  • Less compression of the muscle fibers – better performance
  • Maximum contact inside the socket – even pressure and loading on the residual limb
  • Reduces the energy required during swing-through with increased grip

Differences and Application Recommendations Suction System/ Elevated Vacuum

The vacuum level typically created with a suction system with an exhaust valve is 0.17 bar.

The vacuum level typically created with an elevated vacuum system with the LimbLogic is 0.68 bar.

  • The vacuum level created with a suction system is adequate for users with lower activity levels
  • The vacuum level created with an elevated vacuum system is adequate for users with medium to high activity levels
  • Vacuum level is independent of gait cycle, for all types of movement

Benefits OneSystem BK

  • Hardly any restriction of knee flexion thanks to the MV-Flex-Seal (pre-flexed to 22.5°)
  • MV-Flex-Seal is positioned inside the socket and remains there, this makes for less wear and tear
  • System is highly tolerant of possible volume changes
  • Increases ground clearance during swing phase thanks to almost zero pistoning, which significantly reduces the risk of falling for the user
  • Better limb control and proprioception within the prosthesis
  • No contact pressure between limb and seal required – increased security during all activities