Titanium Adapters –

High Weight Limits, Lightweight, Wide Product Range

Teufel’s titanium adapters feature a wide range of remarkable properties.

High weight limits:

The weight limit is 166 kg for all activity levels for almost all of our titanium adapters. This makes it possible to have the desired combination of components with a consistent weight limit. This is especially important since it is always the component with the lowest weight limit that defines the weigth limit of the whole prostheses.


The adapters’ exceptionally high weight limit is based on both the high quality of the titanium alloy and the very precise fabrication of the adapters. This makes the adapters also very lightweight. Compared to our high quality stainless steel adapters, the titanium adapters are up to 40% lighter. Users can really feel a difference, and will benefit from a lighter prostheses.

Wide product range:

You can choose from more than 50 different titanium adapters. Apart from the standard adapters, the portfolio also includes a variety of waterproof components, as well as special adapters, which make it possible to find a solution even in more complicated cases.