Progressive Profile Alpha® Liners: They are modern, unique and come with a lot of product benefits. The profile, i.e. the inner design (material thickness) of a liner is the most important factor when it comes to comfort and performance.

Liners with a simple profile have the same material thickness everywhere.
More advanced profiles differentiate e.g. between the material thickness at the knee and at the distal end of the liner.

The unique Alpha® Progressive Profile is extremely adaptive.
It offers optimum functional material thickness in any area of the liner:

  • 9 mm distal: For control and comfort. Allows for volume changes and prevents slipping inside the socket.
  • 6 mm around the tibial edge: Optimum cushioning for bony areas.
  • 2,5 mm around the knee: Allows for very easy knee flexion.
  • 2,5 mm proximally tapered: Highly elastic, reduces the pressure around the edge of the liner, thereby preventing redness. The edge of the liner is hardly visible underneath the user’s clothing.


Four different Alpha® Liner models are available with the Alpha® Progressive Profile, and all the liners are fully compatible with each other. This is another benefit, since this makes it possible to switch between Hybrid, Gel Silicone and Smart Temp liners without changing the prosthetic socket. This makes it not only possible to select the liner material according to the user’s activity level, but also according to which material works best with the user’s skin.

All of the liners listed are available as Cushion or Locking Liners.

Select Texture: The functional fabric cover.

  • Different from other textures, the Select Fabric Cover functions as a matrix along the whole length of the liner and thereby reduces elongation to almost zero.
  • The white fabric panel, which was added in the anterior knee area, is extremely elastic in all directions. This reduces the pressure on the patella while the knee is flexed and helps to prevent redness in the patella area.

An overview of all the features of these liners can be found in our current prosthetics catalog (PDF).