Our Products and Services

Quality is our mission: Our premium products and efficient services guarantee high reliability and the best treatment quality for your patients.


Our orthoses support the preservation and rehabilitation of mobility, both for everyday life and physical training or sports.

Orthoses can help with immobilization, unloading, stabilization and with guiding joints in their movement.
They have a very wide scope of application, support the healing of damaged ligaments, joints and bones, and also help restore the mobility and weight bearing capacity of joints.

When it comes to product development we decidedly support interdisciplinary cooperation. Our orthoses are developed together with doctors, orthopedic technicians and engineers before the patients are provided with the products.

Have a look at the wide range of treatment options our orthoses have to offer:

On the right you can see a selection from our orthotic portfolio. To look at the entire product line, please download the Orthotics Catalog.

Orthotics Catalog 2022/23


Gerzer 2

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Hip Orthosis DynaCox evolution

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Three-Panel Knee Immoblizer

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Prosthetics Catalog 2022/23


LimbLogic M

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KnieAgil PS21

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Titanium Adapters

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Our prosthetic components offer solutions for users of all activity and weight levels. When it comes to quality, we don’t compromise; our products are tested according to DIN EN ISO 10328, and we provide you with the quality and reliability you need to supply your patients with adequate products.

Our portfolio offers a large bandwidth of products in order to facilitate a maximum adaption to your patient’s needs.

On the left you can see a selection from our prosthetic portfolio. To look at the entire product line, please download the Prosthetics Catalog.


By professionals for professionals: Raw materials that meet your high standards. Regular additions of well-tried materials to the portfolio, and the practice of replacing the good with the better ensure that you achieve a result that satisfies your expectations.

On the right you can see a selection of our orthopedic materials. To look at the entire portfolio, please download the Materials Catalog.

Materials Catalog 2022/23


Prepreg Pre-Cuts

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Orthotherm Silicone

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Degaplast Acrylic Resins

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OneSystem AK

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CNC Milling

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We consider the service to our customers an essential part of our work. That is why we strive to support you with individual solutions for your everyday tasks in the workshop.

The services and solutions we offer with our C-fab department include e.g. the production of burn masks or OneSystem definitive sockets and the milling of custom foam models.

On the left you can see a selection of the services we offer. Please contact us if you want to learn more about the entire C-fab portfolio.