Teufel’s new lock systems guarantee a secure and reliable connection between liner and prosthetic socket. Their features are especially practical. You can choose from 6 different lock designs, 5 of which are also available in a waterproof version.

One of the especially clever solutions: one uniform pin for the clutch and the shuttle version and one uniform lock body design. The locking mechanisms can be exchanged for each other, so it is possible to switch between the clutch and shuttle function even after the lock has been installed. Both mechanisms can also be activated while under load. WJT Lock Systems thus offer the benefits of both systems and avoid their typical disadvantages. The clicking sound of a shuttle lock is of an advantage for those users who desire an acoustic signal when donning their prosthesis. The acoustic signal is usually achieved with a geared pin. It is, however, typical for the shuttle design that the system always has a certain amount of play.

The Teufel lock systems solve this problem by generating the acoustic signal within the mechanism, while still locking the pin steplessly.

The locks are of high quality, are hard-coated and therefore very robust. The lock funnel gets cut seamlessly, due to the hard coating of the lock no additional bushing is required.

As a rule, the weight limit for all locks is 125 kg, for the WJT 2 it is even 136 kg. The weight limit has been tested and verified by an independent testing institute according to DIN EN ISO 10328.

The new lock system series by Teufel offers convincing features with a high level of practical benefits. The exchangeability of the locking mechanism makes it possible to switch from the clutch to the shuttle system while the waterproof versions further increase the scope of application.

For further information see our lock brochure (pdf), and our current Prosthetics Catalog.